Show Specials

The GAMA Trade Show is an Order Writing Show!

We are proud to work with our manufacturers and distributors to offer your store great discounts at the GAMA Trade Show each year! You can find these offers in the exhibit hall, Wednesday and Thursday, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Company Show Special
Buy any two cases of Saboteur products (12 units per carton) and get one case of Portal of Heroes free (12 unites per carton).
We invite you to place an order with us at booth #140 and get one exclusive wood-fidget* stick (you have to see it!)

  • Half freight on orders over 50 units
  • Free freight on orders over 100 units
  • Free package/game personalization on orders over 150 units (same item)
    *While supplies last
Visit BCW Supplies at booth #621 to learn about the BCW Passport Challenge and see how you could win a MTG Black Lotus card and BCW card supplies.
  • Free freight with $500 orders
  • Free freight plus Net 60 with $750 orders (Net 60 for customers with previous terms)
  • Limited edition Dragon Castle included with orders of Queendomino (1 per copy)*
    *While supplies last
Get one display of 12 games PLUS two displays of 12 expansion packs for $129 (60% off MSRP of $324) PLUS a demo kit.
Flying Buffalo Games Copy of a brand new bonus card for the Nuclear War Card Game, created special for GAMA Trade Show 2018, when you stop by booth# 603. Place an order with Flying Buffalo at the show and receive 10 copies of the bonus card.
  • Half freight on orders over $350
  • Free freight on orders over $500
  • Half price demo on all our games
  • Limited edition promo packs for Manhattan, Museum Heist, and Head of Mousehold
  We are offering first time retailers a 5% discount off the net value of their invoice of our bestselling inventory. Existing customers who expand their range or bring in inventory to support activities and events will receive a 5% discount off the net value of their order.
  • Six copies of Celestial Rainbows
  • One copy of Destination: Neptune
  • One copy of Quartermaster General
  • Two copies of Santa’s Bag
  • One copy of Victory of Death
    All for $89

Includes free shipping in Continental US

Retailers get an additional 10% off wholesale prices for any order placed at Hit Points booth# 435
  • Buy 12 copies of Decrypto, get one free demo kit
  • Buy 11 copies of King of Tokyo, get one free
  • Buy 11 copies of Fairy Tile, get one free
  • Free freight at $350
  • Buy two copies of Invisible Sun, along with two copies of the Visale Kit and two copies of the Sooth Deck, get 15% off
  • Get your Visale Kits and Sooth Decks with the main game about a month early
  • Buy four copies of the Numenera Corebook Slipcase Set and four copies of the Numenera Player’s Guide, get 15% off
  • Get your Player’s Guide with corebooks about a month early
Free domestic shipping on ALL orders placed at the GAMA Trade Show.
Retailers, buy two copies of Muse, get one copy of either Bubblee Pop, Rush and Bash, or Veggie Garden at 75% off MSRP.
While supplies last

Additional 10% discount on all orders written at the show (including pre-orders of the Witcher Role-Playing Game.)


30% off each case of Stop Thief!
Try Red Dragon Inn Organized Play for just $5! Get enough to run one official prize-supported tournament with 23 promo cards, a winner pin, a poster to promote the event, and two door prizes.
Order 5 copies of ‘NUT SO FAST!’, get 1 Free.
Buy six or more copies of Eclipse and/or Epic Roll (in any combination) at GAMA Trade Show and save an extra 10%–that’s 60% off MSRP! Retailer orders will be sent to our distribution partner same day, or even filled on-site for local shop owners. 
Receive a 5% discount off the entire line, net 60, FFA; plus a free demo unit with the purchase of a full case pack.
Pre-order six games (one case) of Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Infinity Campaign Box and receive your pick of free product! Choose one of the following:

  • (1x) free case of Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Age of Ultron Gravity Feed Displays (Case Qty. 2)
  • (1x) free case of DC Dice Masters: World’s Finest Gravity Feed Displays (Case Qty. 2)
  • (12x) free Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Age of Ultron Starter Sets


Pre-registration is Closed!
You can still register on-site at the Peppermill starting Monday, March 12, at 11 am.
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