GAMA Manufacturer’s Track

The manufacturer’s track is a program that includes both professional development and business networking for GAMA’s  manufacturer members.

This program runs on Tuesday of the event and is highly recommended for both new and existing manufacturers.

Manufacturing 101

Join our panel of experienced industry leaders to hear their story, share their advice and answer any questions you may have about entering the hobby market. This session focuses on new companies and includes specific advice and methodology to help today’s new business leaders thrive and grow.

Domestic Production

This session includes presentations from US providers about the products and services they offer to you as a manufacturer. presentations on everything from component providers, box makers, wood bits and printers on what they produce here in the US.

Manufacturer’s Dinner

Join a variety of industry companies to hear their offerings to you as a manufacturer. These business professionals will share the benefits of their products and services over dinner, followed by a networking session over cocktails.