Manufacturer Exclusives to Retail Members

We strongly believe in connecting our manufacturers and retailers! GAMA has been working with the Retail Division to come up with a way to reward our retail members and support their business. We are proud to announce four manufacturer members are supporting the Manufacturer Exclusives Program, a new initiative which offers GAMA retail members an exclusive handle on new and specialty products.


How it works:
Manufacturers will provide exclusive product and promotional collectible items only to GAMA retail members, or provide regular market content for retail members to order 30-60 days or more, at the GAMA Trade Show, prior to being released to the rest of the hobby game market. Some exclusives may only be offered at the GAMA Trade Show.

How do I order these:
Order can take place with distributors or manufacturer at the GAMA Trade Show.

We’d like to thank the following manufacturer members for pioneering this initiative in its first year:



GAMA stores that preorder the new version of Pictomania during GAMA Trade Show will receive the game one month before general release. See Czech Games Edition at Booth #521 for more details.

Beginning March 1, GAMA retailers can sell this game—that’s two months before the brick and mortar release date of April 19! Order 12 copies or more and receive a free demo kit with your order, while supplies last! The kit includes a demo game, a poster, and six packs of promo cards. GAMA retail members can still take advantage of this program through IELLO direct or select distributors (Alliance, ACD, GTS, PHD).

Evil High Priest and Planet Apocalypse

Receive these two upcoming releases a month before any other stores! For every two sets of Evil High Priest or two Planet Apocalypse core games, you will receive one Theomachy game FREE!

Offered only at the GAMA Trade Show

Costa Ruana

Costa Ruana will be offered to GAMA retailers exclusively for 30 days before general release and can be purchased for 15% off at the GAMA Trade Show. Redeem at booth 210!



Receive an exclusive ‘Nut So Fast’ promo pack for GAMA members. Stop by the booth #241 or email us at
  Ogre GAMA 2018 Retail Set

Ogre Miniatures take you straight to 2085 A.D. . . . 
Your Ogre Miniatures Set 1 custom-designed GAMA 2018 Retailer Box contains the following: 

2 complete sets of Set 1 minis
1 Black Ogre Mark III
1 Black Ogre Mark V
1 set of Ogre dice
8 Blue Heavy Tanks

This limited edition box includes plastic Ogre miniatures in colors not offered in the Ogre Miniatures Set 1 retail package. 

*Miniatures supplied are unpainted and unassembled
Offered only at the GAMA Trade Show